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February 13, 2007



Great picture and writings.. I don't know about him being the only one coming close to realizing his dreams though.. Everything has degrees of truth and success has degrees as well.. Seems that those that reach the height of acheivement can still fill they missed out on somehting or ohter..


I absolutely agree with you, Wade! I was almost tempted to delete that statement! but because it was Joyce's, I thought I would leve it in. It then became a reflection for me of her and her relationship to her dad and her own dreams. I know that she did not feel she had achieved them.

YOU on the other hand! I would dare say YES!! and continually creating new ones. Me too. In fact I am in the midst of realizing some pretty major ones. I know Charles has. I think the thing about dreams is that they are not static... and therefore people continue to yearn yet forget, forget the dreams of old as they rush into the arms of the new. John certainly achieved dreams and continues to dream and make it happen. Grace... absolutely! Dale... he made a whole life happen and continues to. Isn't that dreaming.

I love the photo of Dad. I see you in him. And the wildness of the environment and this crazy machine rising up out of the earth. Dad was so molten!

Thanks for commenting Wade! YAY! miss you!! xoxox


Of course I would never delete someone's words to suit my fancy! haha! Just want to be clear about that!

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