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February 07, 2007


Timothy Mclaney

Your story about her teeth flying out reminded me of my grandpa's dentures. He was always so careful when he talked 'cause his dentures really fall off easily. I miss those days...


Haha! Yes, Timothy, I know what you mean. I feel nostalgic too! at the same time, I am grateful for the dentistry and other stuff we have now. My mom would have been the first to embrace what is now happening. Her days on the farm were challenging!

How fun that you found this piece. What attracted you to it? Did you know my family? the Bigelows or Mattsons?

Timothy Mclaney

Oh, I'm not related to them at all. I just missed my Grandpa and Granny all of a sudden. It made me look for some stories about grandparents in some blogs. That's how I stumbled upon yours.


Grandparents can hold a wonderful place in our lives. Do you have your own stories and photos of your grandparents? Its a wonderful way to keep their memory alive and honor them through writing. Creating a blog is very easy to do. I would encourage everyone to do one for their family!

Hope the stories here brought you some joy and comfort. They certainly have for me!! The main page of the blog has stories of my grandparents on it. I never met them, unfortunately, but my mother was into family history and collected their letters and stories that have made me feel as if I had!
: http://bigelowmattson.typepad.com/ode_to_my_ancestors/

Thanks for stopping by!

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