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Lois Grace Patriquin Bigelow Mattson lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her son Charles, his partner, Marie Claire, and Scamper the cat. Lois continues to live in the home she has resided in since 1963, thanks to Charles and Marie Claire, who have continued to renovate as well as care for the home and Lois! She is doing well at this writing, February 2007, one year since this blog was originally privately published (for Lois' eyes only!). Some of her activities have changed, and she does get more physical support than she needed a year ago, but thanks to the wonderful care she receives she continues to have a quality life filled with companionship, delightful events, wonderful nourishment and health care. She and I have continued to work on our mutual passion, our family history, over the phone and when I visit. This site reflects our and other family members work together. It has been an exceptional opportunity for me.

95 years! A precious gift to us all!
Thank you, Mother!

Kathleen Patriquin Bigelow Wahto Mattson Prophet February 2007